"Empowering Childbirth and Breastfeeding Preparation"

Lamaze Childbirth Education


Stork and Cradle strongly believes birth is a normal physical, spiritual, and social rite of passage for families. Women and their partners are encouraged to tap into their inner stores of strength, knowledge, and intuition as preparation for birth. Our prenatal classes are a soulful approach to birthing and breastfeeding success. We are here to mentor you in giving birth as necessary for your body, your beliefs, and your baby. Our mission is to empower women and their partners. We give you tools to make informed decisions, to feel confident, and  to build a trusting relationship with obstetricians and midwives leading to a satisfying birth experience


Lactation Offices:

2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd

Harlem Pediatric Associates

NYC, NY 10027


11 E. 86th St

Pediatrics of New York

NYC, NY 10028

Class Locations:

Babies R Us

24-30 Union Sq E

NYC, NY 10003


NYP-CHONY Hospital

3959 Broadway

NYC, NY 10035


Harlem Pediatrics Associates

2235 Frederick Douglass Blvd

NYC, NY 10027


TRS Suites

40 Exchange Pl

NYC, NY 10005

Company Contact Info

Stork and Cradle

Phone and Fax # 646-627-7334

Hours: M-F 10a-6pm

Email: info@storkandcradle.com